Saturday, February 19, 2005


OK, it's a minor success, but I'll take it! It's now 4 p.m. and I'm home, triumphant, from my shopping excursion. I scored a $200 dress for $50 (whoo hooo!) and a nice pair of shoes for $40. Then some necessary girl unmentionables to go with the dress... and finally, some knives and a great pair of scissors as a wedding present.

The woman who helped me with my shoe purchase was exasperated, I know, that I wasn't doing cartwheels at her suggestion of silver shoes to go with my teal blue dress. Me? In silver shoes? And high-heeled sandals at that? In the middle of February? I don't think so.

She was probably even more exasperated when I told her the wedding was tonight. "WHAT!!?" she exclaimed. Hey,what's the panic? It was about 2:30 at the time, and the wedding doesn't start until 6. Plenty of time.

She was probably delighted when she brought out three pairs of nice, normal BLACK dress shoes and I squealed when I fell in like with one of the pairs. In the game of shoe buying, it was a three-point score for both teams.

Did I mention that I chose today, of all days, for my excursion. I didn't realize the store was in the midst of its huge mid-winter sale, and this poor woman was being assaulted from all sides by people like me asking for time-consuming help. Not just a "ring this up, please" type of help, but "hey, what goes with this dress" kind of help. She was a great sales associate.

So, I have a bit of resting time before I start the dressing ritual, putting on the rubber-band type undergarments that are supposed to make women look better on such occasions, then the dress and shoes. I'll even do the makeup ritual, clear down to lip-sticky, as one former beau called it. I will look goooooood. (eh, better than my normal jeans and sweats, maybe.)

I'll let you know if anything snaps unexpectedly.

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Erudite Redneck said...

If you don't quit posting this soft porn, I'm going to have to alert the authorities. (snicker). :-) Sounds like you have some rejuventain' of yer spirit last night. Yay!