Friday, February 04, 2005

This'll be fun too! "The Last" Survey

Y'know one thing E.R. is good for? He's good for stealin' ideas from. Like this one, which he admitted to lifting from somewhere else. I do believe this is what's called a "meme," which means an idea lifted from one blogger and scattered among others for nearly simultaneous discussions.

Anyway, I lifted this from E.R. My answers are included. Feel free to lift and post on your own blog with your own answers. And if yours wind up looking like mine, well, heck, we'll both be surprised!

The "Last" Survey

Last Cigarette: Never smoked one. Not ever in my life. My mom offered to let me light a cigarette for her when I was 4, and the notion of it put me off so bad that I was never tempted. I was also repulsed by both of my "smoked-like-chimneys" parents and the mess that is associated with smoking. Not to mention that it killed everyone in my family.

Last Alcoholic Drink: I had a couple of beers on a date two weeks ago.

Last Car Ride: With me driving? This afternoon, coming back from a photo shoot. With me as passenger? On the same date mentioned above.

Last Kiss: Um, well, that date is supplying wayyyyy too many answers for this quiz... (NOSY quiz!)

Last Good Cry: Yesterday, I believe, after seeing some sappy commercial which got me missing my mom. That's the one sorrow that will always trigger tears.

Last Library Book: Three books on the business of freelancing.

Last Book Purchased: "Sharing Good Times" by Jimmy Carter.

Last Book Read: "Sharing Good Times" by Jimmy Carter. (No, silly. I did not read it on my date.)

Last Movie Viewed in a Theater: Lemony Snicket's "A Series of Unfortunate Events" (or whatever that movie is called. In early January. I enjoyed it.)

Last Movie Rented: Not really sure. It's been a year. I believe it might have been "Bruce Almighty." Or "Pirates of the Caribbean".

Last Profanity Uttered: Probably the "D" word.

Last Beverage Drank: Diet Coke with dinner.

Last Food Consumed: Broiled steak and a baked tater.

Last Phone Call: Just a bit ago, about 11 p.m. Unexpected call from a guy I dated in the fall. We talked about an hour with him catching me up on a trade show he went to in Vegas.

Last TV Show Viewed: "Roseanne" on Nick at Night.

Last Time Showered: Late morning today.

Last Shoes Worn: Do house slippers count?

Last CD Played: "On Eagle's Wings," Piano orchestrations by Steve Hall. Recommended by my aunt on my last visit to Missouri and very enjoyable inspirational songs.

Last Item Bought: Other than groceries, the last items I recall purchasing were a dish drainer and drain board.

Last Download: An e-mailed photograph from a homebuilder.

Last Annoyance: Being in a Catch-22 situation regarding work.

Last Thing Written: A newspaper story for publication later this month, on home improvement shows.

Last Key Used: Front-door key.

Last Words Spoken: "OK, talk to you later. Behave yourself." at the conclusion of the aforementioned telephone call.

Last Sleep: 3 a.m. to 7 a.m. today.

Last Ice Cream Eaten: Ben & Jerry's New York Super Fudge Chunk last week.

Last Webpage Visited: Oklahoma Housing Finance Agency (

Whew! That was fun! I expect to see your answers soon when I visit your blogs. Oh, and one more thing: WRITE SOMETHING! I need to be entertained!!!


TECH said...

I'm doing the best I can for you! Please, give me a break! :)

Larry said...

Now.....That was fun!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

I have posted it on my site now as well.....and they told two friends....who told two friends....who told two friends....lolololol


TECH said...

Okay, it's time for another post!

FrenziedFeline said...

Tech and I are on the same wavelength. I just came on to see if you'd posted something new. Alas, you haven't. What's up with that??? ;)