Sunday, April 23, 2006

It's been such an exciting weekend

Here's what I did this weekend. Most of this was done Saturday, and I slept a LOT on Sunday. I even missed church this week because I woke up after 11 a.m. Slept right through the Sunday morning radio programming on my alarm.

1. Unloaded dishwasher
2. Ate lunch
3. Reloaded dishwasher
4. Cleaned off living room sofa
5. Hung up clothes
6. Picked up music off floor
7. Put newspapers in sack and took to car to recycle at church
8. Washing white crepe fabric (again)
9. Cleared out plaid club chair
a. Hung up coats
b. Re-sacked yarn stash
c. Put mail on tray on writing desk
10. Cleaned off coffee table and dusted it.
11. Cleaned off leather chair
a. Folded towels
b. Hung up winter sweaters
c. Folded and put away underwear
d. Got clean sheets and quilt ready to put on bed
12. Lit candle in living room.
13. Stripped bed and remade. Yay!
14. Handwashed some dishes, including stoneware.
15. Moved furniture out and vacuumed
16. Washed inside of picture window
17. Cleaned window sill.

18. Laundry

As part of these tasks I did some of the winter/summer closet flip-flop. Oh, and I did actually take a shower when I woke up today. That was the most strenuous activity of my day.

Isn't it sad that I don't have something better to put on my list than "folded and put away underwear?" And nothing better to do tonight than to tell you about it? Ah, well. If your life was better, you probably wouldn't be reading my blog, right?


FrenziedFeline said...

After being gone all day every day last week, and then relapsing, being able to do all that stuff sounds great to me!

(It's all in our perspective, eh?)

I love reading your blog, even if it's "just" the routine. :)

Genevieve said...

I would be a whole lot more ready for another week if I had done all that you have mentioned and also mowed the lawn. Since I didn't, I'm going to be playing catch-up all week.

TECH said...

I have a better life, and I enjoy reading your blog! So there!

Emma said...

Ha, cleared the chair, hung up coats, familiar!