Friday, April 07, 2006

The next few days

Since it's been a fairly quiet week, I'll let you all know what's on my calendar.

Tonight -- singles game night at the church. Snacks and an assortment of games to choose from. Two months ago was our first game night -- a huge success!

Saturday -- Jeanne's memorial service. The choir has been asked to sing "On Eagle's Wings" so I won't be wearing a hat. I will be taking a box of tissues. I'm sad enough to start with, but "Eagle's Wings" is difficult for me to sing without boo-hooing because my good friend Anne sang it for me at the scattering of the ashes for my mom and brother a few years ago. When I think of anyone who has had years of difficulties on this earth with their physical bodies, I think of them soaring once they are free of these bodies.

Sunday -- Palm Sunday! My handbell choir will be playing while the choir sings and the children process in the sanctuary waving palm branches. We'll even have drums as part of the mix! Also I'll be singing "Hosanna!" as part of a women's ensemble group.

Wednesday -- Final choir rehearsal for our Good Friday service. It will be at least a two-hour rehearsal.

Thursday -- Maundy Thursday communion service. This is a Taize style service in which the congregation shares leadership. There is an order of service which includes prayers and readings. Whoever is lead to reads as the spirit moves. The music consists of repetitive prayer songs, much like monastic chants. I find Taize services very, very moving. Communion will be served by intinction.

Friday -- Good Friday. Also called a Tenebrae service (Service of Shadows) or Stations of the Cross. This is a service led by the choir and minister. After each segment of the service, one of the candles is extinguished and/or a set of lights is turned off, until, finally, the congregation is seated in darkness as a strepitus (loud sound) signals the closing of the tomb of Christ. The congregation leaves in silence and darkness.

Sunday-- Easter Sunday! Christ is Risen! Three services at which the choir sings.

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Genevieve said...

You are going to have a very intense and musical week.