Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Prayer shawl No. 3 completed

I finished my latest prayer shawl project this evening just in time to take it with me to church. On Tuesday nights I help lead a divorce recovery workshop, so it's easy to take a finished project to deliver it.

Here's No. 3 -- which I hope will go to an infant or young child at some point, because of the colors used. Forgive the clutter in the background -- this was a quick photo taken in my office just so I would have a photo record of the prayer shawl. All the fringe is there. I just didn't realize that one section was folded under. If I hadn't been trying to get out the door I would have paid closer attention to these little details.

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TECH said...

Wow. Have you ever considered selling your items at a craft fair?

Trixie said...

Thanks, Tech. I have thought about it, but I've looked at the numbers -- the hours that most projects take vs. the money people are willing to pay for them.

And the prayer shawls cannot be sold; that's one of the few rules about them. They can only be made and given to offer comfort and support to someone who is ill, or grieving, or in need of compassion. That's what draws me to making these, in particular.

FrenziedFeline said...

It's wonderful that you're sharing your time, talents and yarn (teehee) with others! :)

Genevieve said...

You are right that people won't (and sometimes really can't) pay what handmade items are truly worth. That's why it's so special to give and receive them as gifts!