Monday, October 29, 2007

Progress Report!

This will seem backwards, with this update on top of the original post(below). I have not yet earned the right to open my brown cardboard mailer because I still haven't put clean sheets on the bed. That'll be coming up next.

However, I can report that I am now the owner of the cleanest bathroom in this house. Perhaps even on this block! It gleams. It glistens. It sparkles and shines! The floor? Cleaned by hand with a rag and a sink full of Pinesol water. Clean, clean, clean! No doubt my nails will hate me tomorrow, but hey, floor --> clean! Clean also are the tub, toilet and sink. Scrubbed white as snow, each of them, inside and out. Even the mirror sparkles like sunlight off of ice crystals on a winter snow. That's sparkly!

This is the kind of clean I wish I'd had the time to do when I moved in. It's positively glamorous!

Top it off with a cute shower curtain and new towels and it looks fit for royalty!

The rug is still in the washer or I'd show you pictures... maybe later. On to the sheets now!

(Brief pause here for our sponsors' message...)

OK, clean sheets and quilt are on the bed. A nice, clean, safe place for me to fall asleep after a long Monday. Maybe I'll save the book to open tomorrow. I hope you don't mind, Tech, if I wait to savor it just a few hours longer?


TECH said...

Sigh. Well, it's your book. Take all the time you want. Don't mind me waiting on tenderhooks for you to read it. Oh no, just keep on doing what you're doing even though IT'S TEARING MY HEART OUT!!!


Trixie said...

Note to self: Find sewing kit; stuff Tech's heart back in and stitch in place with a fine blanket stitch. Embellish with French knots and flowers.