Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Quick post-and-run

I've been rather overwhelmed, but I'm taking a minute to post for my own sanity. I worked 52 hours last week. There are a couple of us in the office who have been really buried like this ever since I've been here. Two main reporters, and a couple of people who do the fluff and don't really help us carry the heavy load. I know, everyone's in the same boat, but it's wearing thin.

Yesterday I had a 7 a.m. appointment at the hospital with the diabetes educator. I learned how to use my meter to test my blood sugar, as well as the "stick yourself until you bleed!" tool. It's all going to be OK. The tool of bleeding is not a big deal. Just a little stick, as a nurse would say, and it's done so quickly you can't get all jittery about it. I'll be testing again in a few minutes -- just one test a day, and I'll be moving through the different test times to get a daily average. My number yesterday was much better than the horrible number from the doctor's office, so I have already made some major progress. (It was 178, down from something like 289 previously for fasting blood sugar).

I have lost two pounds, lost 2 percent body fat, increased body water by 2 percent. These are the good twos, not the terrible twos!

I am a little overwhelmed by the schedule of the diabetes education classes which I must attend. 9 am to noon on Wednesdays, for four weeks, beginning Oct. 31. Ye gads, that is a lot of missed work, right up to the day before Thanksgiving!

My first class is this Friday. Terrible timing. I have two other demands for my time then. I'm not sure how I'm going to juggle all this. GAH!

I did get a minute of puppy therapy yesterday. A woman who used to work in this office brought her puppy by to visit and I got a minute to play with her. She has grown quite a bit since I saw her a few weeks back. She's more the playing puppy now instead of the sleepy puppy who cuddled so nicely.

Oh, and I bought a dishwasher last night which will be delivered this afternoon. It's a portable that can be built in later when I have time to mess with getting new cabinets in my little kitchen. I don't know how we'll get it through all the clutter, but we will! I will have clean dishes again!


jeannie diane said...

You go girl. You already have all you need to do this, right inside of you. I just know you do.

I have been thinking. My mother went to heaven at the young age of 61. But her mother is still going at 84.

Since my babies came late in life. I have got to get healthy to be around to enjoy grandkids. :-)

Take a deep breath, say a pray and just do this.

Anonymous said...

Good grief! Twelve hours of classes?? They don't have an evening class for people who, um, like, WORK??? Sheesh! Maybe there's an angle there that you can use in a report for work. :)

Okay, got that out of my system...

Way to go on the 2's! I'm proud of you, girl! :) :) :)

TECH said...

The classes are worth it. My classes were six weeks at 2 hours during the day. The information will be overwhelming at first, but just take a deep breath and tackle it a bit at a time. That's what I had to do. I know you can do it, Trixie! You're already on your way!