Monday, October 29, 2007

What We'll Do for a Book

I came home today and could see that my mailbox was overflowing before I even turned the corner onto my street. I could see a bright orange card peeking over the box, but I also saw something brown behind it.

A magazine? Maybe a manilla envelope? I couldn't tell until I pulled into the drive ... a smallish brown mailing box. Hmm?

OH! I know! It's a BOOK!!! And not just any book nosiree. This has to be my copy of "Murder by Dewey Decimal" by Tech himself. AKA Stephen B. Bagley.

So I made a bargain with myself. I can open the mailer only when I finish cleaning the bathroom and change the sheets on my bed. All that's left in the bathroom is to mop the floor and hang my pretty new towels. I've scrubbed everything down and even hung a new shower curtain (on semi-permanent loan from my best friend Anne, who may have it back if she asks for it. That was the deal.) Then the changing of the sheets, which may take 5 minutes.

Here's the secondary catch: I can't start reading it until I also do some work on the living room. I can look at the cover, but NO READING until I can walk through the living room without having to turn sideways along the way.

Back later to report on progress!


TECH said...

Yikes! My book is being used to promote housework! Yikes! I feel so ... cheap ... and yet ... clean ... :)

Trixie said...

Sparkly, even!