Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Scary Update

I had a follow-up doctor's visit today to deal with my diabetes diagnosis. For those who also blog at The Great Slim Down this is a cross post. I couldn't think of another way of saying this stuff so I'm just copying it.

The doctor's visit was not easy. In fact, it was very, very difficult. We went over lab tests from the last visit. To quote the doctor, loosely, death is reaching out to grab me. My liver is affected. My kidneys are affected.

She's added two more new medications to my routine for now and referred me to a diabetes educator. She's urged (demanded) that I start journaling. She's urged (demanded) that I find a support system of some sort.

And, what surprised me most, is she urged me to check out the principles of 12-step programs. Yes, she sees poor eating habits as an addiction and said I need to get sober.

She said I literally am in a fight for my life right now. That's a sobering thought.

She said that I need to journal and plan and pray each day to do my best, and then turn it over to God.

I could use your help with that part, please.

Oh, she also demanded that I start using my C-Pap machine again while I sleep, since I have sleep apnea. And we all know how I love that machine! (NOT)


Erudite Redneck said...

Sigh. Good vibes, prayers, encouraging thoughts headin' north.

Anonymous said...

You absolutely have my help in that area, and any others you think of where I can be useful!

What does she want to you to journal about? What you're eating, or is it for the cathartic exercise?

Trixie said...

Both, Frenzied. Both as a food journal and also as a record about why I would make certain bad decisions instead of doing the right thing. She recognizes the emotional elements that go into this issue -- and is adamant that it is an addiction like alcohol or drugs. She preached the good sermon today that had me walking the aisle, so to speak. Clearly she wants me to win this struggle at least as much as I want to. It was a powerful experience today, I tell you.

And I thank you for your support and help.

drlobojo said...

Get a newer c-pap machine if yours is more than two years old. Also there is a variety of mask. Insist on seeing and trying them all.

Puppies are known to help with sleeping disorders.

Trixie said...

Puppies!!! I like that prescription.

Anonymous said...


This is a doc that advertises alternatives to CPAP in the LA area. There might be something there you can get in OK that will work for you.