Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Entertaining Angels Unaware

I've just experienced one of those moments that makes you stop dead in your tracks for a minute or two.

It came in the form of a simple Christmas card. I didn't recognize the address and there was no name on the envelope. My first thought was that it was a charity soliciting donations, since there were several of those in the mail today too. So I put it to the back of my bundle, going through the cards from old college roommates first, glancing at the bank statement.

Finally, I opened the mystery card, which contained a photo of a baby I didn't recognize -- at least not until I read the note in the card:

My name is J... I remembered your name from when you told the pharmacist how to spell it and lookd you up to wish you a merry Christmas. I met you in Walgreen's and you were so sweet to my baby, 9 mos., N... So I hope your holidays are bright and thank you for being the doll that you are. You made my day that evening & I'll tell N... how beautiful you said she was when she grows up. Thank you! God bless!"

I remember the night well, last spring. I was having trouble because my pharmacist was telling me my benefits card wasn't showing my pharmacy benefits (this was a COBRA screw-up). Anyway, I was having a hard time, but there was a woman in excruciating pain with a fractured tooth who came in seeking any help she could get. I tried to talk to her but I knew that she was hurting too bad to take in what I was saying to her -- I wanted her to go to St. Anthony Hospital which had, at least at one time, an emergency dentist on staff. My own dentist had told me that's where he sends all his patients who have trauma injuries for initial treatment.

Her baby was scared with mom being so upset and was crying. She paused for just a second when I looked in her eyes and spoke to her and touched her cheek. Just enough to stop her crying and get a little smile from her. It helped mom calm down too. The pharmacist helped her find an over-the-counter product to help ease the pain until she could see someone that could help her.

I never knew who she was -- just someone in the pharmacy hurting about as bad as she could at the time. But look what she did -- she remembered, and more than that, she acted on that. She's blessed me beyond my ability to say it.

Here's a link I want you to check out. This is a good song. But don't jump to leave it behind when it sounds like the song ends. There's a very quiet part that comes back in after the "end." Wait until you hear the little girl's voice singing.

Angels Unaware


Teditor said...

As Frank Burns (M*A*S*H) put so well, "It's nice to be nice to the nice."

You did a wonderful thing that night last spring, and it's great to be recognized for it. Now she's shown you how special it is by sending you possibly one of the best holiday moments ever.

Anonymous said...

What a neat and inspiring story! jtb

TECH said...

Inspiring and a wonderful reminder that we don't realize how our little acts of kindness may mean everything to the person receiving them. Thank you for sharing the story and the link.