Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Ugh! Pass a book!

On the glowing recommendation of E.R., I decided to try a new adventure today and had lunch at Ron's at Mayfair Village. I got a chili cheeseburger and man, what a treat it was! Basically, it's a regular cheeseburger (with mustard, onions, pickles) put on a plate and then drowned in chili. You have to use a knife and fork to eat it, and you soon understand why there's a roll of paper towels on each table.

It was great, about 5 or 6 hours ago. Not so much now.

I think reading a lot of history books must give one a cast-iron stomach. Obviously, I haven't been reading enough lately. I can only say how glad I am that I've been taking my Lipitor, or I might be in the emergency room tonight having an angioplasty.

Ooooohhhhhhh, someone pass me that copy of "Slavery and Crime in Missouri 1773-1867" on the top shelf. I can't seem to reach it right now. Otherwise, I'll have to veg out and finish watching the Charlie Brown Christmas story. Hmmm. Not a bad choice.

Whoops! Saved by the bell! The UPS man just delivered a box! Oh boy!


jeannie diane said...

That cheeseburger sounds pretty good.
There used to be this man who called
the local radio station with his
favorite breakfast. 2 eggs over easy
with chili, onions, cheese, and tabasco
sauce. I have tried it a time or two.
Not bad but does come back to bite you

TECH said...

Trixie, you're a brave woman. Just the thought of a chili cheeseburger makes me light-headed ... :)

Erudite Redneck said...

Ron's rules! And they got Oklahoma covered. There's one in Tulsey Town and one in StillH2O, too.