Sunday, December 12, 2004

Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to RJW! And many more!

Today was also my brother's birthday, which makes it easy to remember RJW's. It's also my traditional decorating day, if I do any decorating.

We sang our Christmas cantata at church this morning. I'll have to have a nap before I make any decisions about decorating. Does lighting a candle count? That might be it unless I get a second wind later this afternoon.


Dr. ER said...

Happy Birthday to Bob!!!!

I'd be all for decorating and encourage you to do so, but when it's nearly springtime in the air, it's hard to get to decorating.

I'm very jealous of your fun with the gingerbread houses -- ER'd told me about it, and it sounded too cool. Martha Stewart I ain't, but Bird and I did one last year from a kit, and even that was pretty fun.

Bob'll get a quiet "howdy" from me today.

Trixie said...

Awww thanks so much. I can see his big ol' grin now.

Yeah I had to post Michele's photos since neither one made it to the appropriate destination with the story in real life for some reason. Those naughty Christmas gremlins did me in.