Tuesday, May 10, 2005

American Idol

It's down to the last four contestants, so the competition is really heated. I've caught most of the episodes this evening and my earliest predictions are still holding fast.

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Tonight was a definitive turning point, I think. The two leaders, in my mind, remain Bo Bice (yummy!!!) and Carrie Underwood (Go Okie girl!) In a flip of my opinion, I now rank Anthony third and Vonzell fourth. Vonzell had a very rough night tonight, especially in her first song. There must have been something going on today because even villianous Simon Cowell was kind in his evaluation, when normally he would have gone for blood. I wish her the best, but I am afraid tonight's performances sealed her fate.

This has been a vicious, competitive season -- competitive it should be, but I could do without all the back stories about arrests and abuses. Can't we just focus on their talent?

I will have to tape tomorrow's episode to see who stays and who goes -- I hate that they have the results shows on Wednesday nights. Most of the time I am satisfied just to read who has stayed and who went packing, but with the final four, it's like watching sports. You gotta see the action.

So to review, my predictions are:
1) BO (drool.... he is so good).
2) Carrie (she is a star and doesn't need to win to be a mega-hit. She'll be like Clay Akin. Who remembers that he came in second? And where's Ruben been? I never hear about him.)
3) Anthony
4) Vonzell, who I predict will go home Wednesday.

Anyone else want to forecast the outcome? Opinions?

Oh, one more thing... two contestants should not be allowed to sing the same song, especially if one gets a good arrangement and the other gets one that sucks mud. Carrie was robbed when she got the sucky arrangement tonight and Anthony sparkled.

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