Thursday, May 05, 2005

Coming out of my cave

Well, so that wasn't much of a sabbatical, was it? I'm coming out of my cave again and it hasn't even been a week.

First, let me just reiterate why I blog and what my blog is about. When you see my slogan at the top, you'll understand that in this phase of my life, I am much more concerned about human interactions on the micro level, not the macro. I'm concerned about the warm fuzzies between people, not great debates about politics and religion. If you want those, they exist in other blogs, some of which are listed to the left.

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I've withdrawn from some of those locations because of the increasing vitriol that is consuming them. Fight if you wish, guys, but count me out. That's not what I signed up for. And I didn't sign up for having my comments pulled out for blistering humiliation, either, especially when they have been posted in the spirit of fun.

This circle of bloggers that I'm in started out with a few people who kind of know a little about each other. Some know some of the others in real life, in various ways. None of us knows everyone in that way. Some of us know each other only through different cyber meetings. We know each other through shared interests. And I thought we were all having good fun reading each other's thoughts. For a while.

I've got more than enough serious concerns piling up on top of me in real life right now. My life, at the moment, is circling the drain big time with health issues as well as financial and life goal considerations. I'll be damned if I'm going to let anything else add to that in a negative way now.

So the door is open to anyone who wants to come here to share in the softer side of life. No politics, no religious fights. We can talk about dreams, hopes, joys, triumphs, personal worries, personal connections. This is, as I've indicated, a common supper table where we can sit and share our lives and stories.

It won't always be a place everyone wants to spend time, and I get that. Some folks have too much of that testosterone stuff coursing through their veins and they get testy and want to take a swing at something. That's fine. Just go outside to play. When you work it off, you're always welcome back here.

I'll keep a pitcher of tea in the fridge (sweet tea's in the jar). Watemelon's icing down on the back step, and that pie is ready to cut any time someone wants a slice.

I get dibs on the rocker on the porch!


TECH said...

I'm glad you're back!

And you have expressed exactly what 51313 Harbor Street is about. I like it that way. The world is too full of pain and turmoil for me to deliberately seek it out.

TECH said...

I like the porch picture.

jeannie diane said...

I would love to come and sit on
the porch with you. Sip lemonade
and talk about uplifting things.

I too feel alot of stress right
now. We almost burnt our house
down last weekend..I will have
to blog that later..

God bless you..Trixie

FrenziedFeline said...

So glad you've come back out. Sitting on the porch just a-rockin' sounds like a fine idea right now. My back hurts from all the ducking I've been doing. I think I'll come in out of the dark now. :)

(Gee, Jeannie, I hope you're all okay!)

mattles said...

my parents dont let me out of my cave much :(

Trixie said...

Well, Mattles, I am sorry about that. Looks like they at least let you have Internet access, though. I hope they throw a pizza your way now and then!

Joel Thomas said...

I'm glad you're back, too.

I struggle with remaining civil at times. Partly it depends on how many e-mails I've received in a week calling me a heretic or warning that I am headed for damnation.

Kitty said...

Welcome Back out of the cave . . .

I can understand where you're coming from -- our blogs are our little corners of the world -- we allow others in -- usually with open arms but, ... by invitation (which can be revoked at any time for rude behavior). It is an honor to be 'invited-over,' not a right to barge in.

Keep good thoughts, hon!

That's what I'm trying to do - but, it is hard when all I can do is sit and stare at this danged cast on my leg which prevents me from doing anything, or going anywhere. I feel trapped and go a little stir-crazy at times but ... my blogging friends bring light in the midst of the days.

I hope things begin to look up for you soon!!