Saturday, September 10, 2005

And now, something completely different

It's time for some fun, non-political blogging! So here's what I've been doing today. I've become one with my grill. I sure wish I could get an outside electric outlet installed so I could use my CookShack smoker. Here's a link to CookShack -- it's a great product made in my hometown, Ponca City, OK. It's a real smoker, using the wood of your choice, but there is an electric element that ignites the wood. I've got the biggest residential model with several shelves inside. It would be so nice to actually use it!!
Anyway, here's some of what I made today. I had a marathon session.

First, there's the pork tenderloin...
Image hosted by

And then there's the pork short ribs. Time to add the sauce (from Head Country, also made in Ponca City. Ironically, next to CookShack. Do you think they planned it?

Image hosted by

There were also two batches of chicken breasts, using different marinades. One batch was teriyaki with pineapple juice. The other was a Havana garlic and lime marinade. But the chicken was swiped by my friend before I had a chance to take a photo.

Let's see... to take an inventory, I still have some steaks and burgers to do, maybe tomorrow. I'm so glad to have a FoodSaver vacuum sealer system these days. I can parcel out these goods and either refrigerate or freeze them until needed.

Hmmm. I'm hungry. Just realized I haven't eaten all day...


Erudite Redneck said...

This is redneck-culinary porn!


Trixie said...

Probably a good thing I didn't get a photo of the chicken breasts, then. They were HUGE! Must have been 44DDs at least!

CrystalDiggory said...

It's hard to type and wipe drool off the keyboard at the same time!

Einar said...

darn, Trixy;
I must have missed my invitation . . . . ..... or something. Einar

Gloria Williams said...

It looks delicious! :)

jeannie diane said...

Dang, girl you are killin
us..We could almost follow
the wonderful aroma.

what a great just
need some of my great baked
beans..I would be willing
to bring them on over..

Erudite Redneck said...

Howdy. Would you post the whatses and how-to's fer yer pork tenderloin? I am burgered out, dogged out and chickened out but my weekend grillin'-smokin' muscles are already twitchin' and I aim to do a tenderloin. :-) Maybe tonight even. If I get off work early. ;-)