Saturday, September 17, 2005

A bitterly untimely death

My good friend, J.T., who sometimes posts here, lost his nephew in a single-car crash Wednesday night on the Turner Turnpike near Stroud. His car hydroplaned, hit the center wall, flipped over to the westbound lanes and hit a bridge.

Bart was a freshman at the University of Oklahoma who planned to major in journalism, like his uncle (and me). While he was in high school he served as a correspondent for the Tulsa World's Satellite section, geared toward young readers.

He was an exceptionally brilliant young man who was giving back to the community in many meaningful ways.

Please pray for the whole family and all of Bart's friends as they adjust to this tremendous loss.


Erudite Redneck said...

Very sad. Redneck prayers aloft ...

TECH said...

They're in my prayers.

jeannie diane said...

SO sorry for your loss.
My prayers are with you
and the family

JT said...

I last saw Bart on July 19, never imagining, of course, that would be the last time on this earth to exchange greetings. He had just had some wisdom teeth extracted and wasn't able to go to dinner with us, so I just saw him briefly. Bart was the man.