Sunday, September 04, 2005

Let us PRAY

O God, you divided the waters of chaos at creation.
In Christ you stilled storms, raised the dead,
And vanquished demonic powers.
Tame the earthquake, wind, and fire,
And all the forces that defy control or shock us by their fury.
Help us, in good times and in distress,
To trust your mercy and yield to your power, this day and for ever.
(As printed in the United Methodist Book of Worship #509)

Let us pray for:

Those who are displaced by the storm, and for people who continue to live in
shelters and with friends and family.

Those whose loved ones perished in the storm.

Volunteers from across our land, who make their way to Mississippi, Alabama
and Louisiana.

Those in government: township, village, state, and federal, who must find
ways to help communities rebuild.

And we, who dwell in safety, may our emotion and compassion not be
overwhelmed and may our financial gifts help those who are overcome in need.

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