Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Make a joyful noise

An acquaintance of mine is the president of the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame. He and a good friend of mine are both part of a group of folks who make up a few bands in the state, both country and bluegrass. All the band members are great musicians and even better people.

And here's their latest project to help hurricane evacuees:

Several of the folks who have made it to Camp Gruber, located near Muskogee, OK, are New Orleans musicians. They've lost everything, including their instruments.

My friends knew they had to help, so they are collecting instruments to give to all of the musicians there. Many are jazz musicians, some are Cajun artists. Without their instruments, they do not have their livelihood. Even worse, their spirits are withering.

The band will be getting together Saturday and will take care of transporting the instruments to the camp, so let me put out the word here -- if you have ANY sort of musical instrument you would care to give to these people, please leave me a message here and we'll do what we can to get it into their hands. They'll even take a sousaphone or two if you have some hanging around your garage or somethin'.

I'm personally sending my fiddle. Some would say that in itself is an act of charity, but HEY what do they know?!

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