Sunday, November 06, 2005

Cuddlin' up in the pews

My church has had a teddy bear ministry for the past five months or so. Each month we get a new batch of stuffed animals which sit in our church services for a month. They “listen” to the songs and the prayers and the sermons, and then we donate them to the Highway Patrol to be given to children in distress to help provide them comfort. They have little tags on them telling them where they came from.

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It’s amazing to me that after all these months we all still enjoy having the bears with us in service. You’ll find little old ladies, big ol’ bubbas and little kids all cuddling them during church, trying to fill them up with lots of love.

I think it’s working. After church this morning I found this little band sitting behind in one of the pews singing together…

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Here's a bonus photo just because I think it's pretty neat. We have communion the first Sunday of each month and the kids in our congregation take part in it. Another tradition we have as we gather at the communion rail is that the next group waiting to take communion surrounds those at the rail, laying their hands on their shoulder to pray for them. These little kids really get into it, both giving and receiving.

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Oh, in case you are wondering why I would take photos during a church service, well, it was for a slide show I prepared for our annual chili cookoff tonight. Each year we welcome all the new members to the cookoff so they can be recognized and honored -- the slide show was a new idea to help them spot familiar faces and activities. The older members also liked it!


CrystalDiggory said...

Those teddy bears are just too precious. What a neat idea! One of my patients had a "prayer shawl". The ladies of her church knit these gorgeous shawls and then they are prayed over and blessed. Then they take them to members of their congregation, or whoever wants one, that is sick in the hospital.

I really like the way your church does communion, too. It sounds like a great church.

Trixie said...

Thanks Crystal! We do prayer shawls too. I've got a couple in the works -- well, they have been "in the works" since we started this project, which has been a while. Seems like I don't ever have time any more to just sit and knit.

jeannie diane said...

Hey Girl,
I love the bears, I like
crystal's pt's ideal too.
what a wonderful gift..

my kids love communion too.

Einar said...

Actually, I have two comments, but can likely get them into one - unless I get really carried away. The first is that I think that taking a camera into church and documenting the goings on is a great adea, slide show for new members or not. This is the information age after all. Secondly, I belive strongly in vibrations and that the stuffed animals pick up the vibrations of the church and that they go with them to where ever the animals go. To paraphrase Brian Wilson. "They're pickin' op good vibrations."