Saturday, January 21, 2006

The Kitchen is CLEAN!

Welcome to my kitchen! I spent all afternoon cleaning it. Now it sparkles and shines! It smells like an Almond Butter Pound Cake because that's the candle burning in there now that it's clean.

It's a small kitchen -- 7 x 15 feet. I wish I had more storage space. That's on my wish list for my "next house." Yeah. It is. (I have a long list and no money. Meanwhile, I love my kitchen as it is.)

So here we are:

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And now, for some reason, I am STARVING! Must find food!


GP said...

Trixie, that's like the cleanest place I've ever seen.

(Woooo, cool floor!)

Trixie said...

Thanks GP! The last (and probably only other) time I had it this clean was right after the remodeling, which was in 2000 if I recall correctly! (The house was built in 1951 but I had the kitchen gutted and completely redone.)

Erudite Redneck said...

Cool kitchen!

FrenziedFeline said...

Is that THREE slow cookers on your counter? :)

I absolutely LOVE the black and white floor, the subway tiles on the backsplash, and the cupped drawer pulls.

It looks great--you've done yourself proud! :)

TECH said...

It looks great.

Uh ... would you consider coming over and cleaning my kitchen? You'd get combat pay ...

jeannie diane said...

Oh Man I am so jealous. That is one
very cool kitchen. But I am happy
with mine. I would be much happier
if it were as clean as yours..I
spent my weekend moving my furniture around..again (my husband
wishes I would quit)I am happy
with the new look.

Erudite Redneck said...

Two days later, it's STILL CLEAN!!!


Trixie said...

See, that's the AMAZING property of digital photography -- it can actually FREEZE cleanliness for all time!

(You will note that I did not simultaneously post photos of the kitchen and dining room. That stuff all had to go somewhere.)

drlobojo said...

Yep, there's FlyLady right above the bread box.

Einar said...

but don't you think a spot of red, a dolip of yellow, a splash of green would be in order. God didn't make the world black & white for notheing. Einar