Thursday, January 05, 2006

Time Out

I'll be scarce for a few days because of computer headaches. Things have gone from normal to bad and then worse. Today the computer has learned a new trick -- it has decided to just turn itself off. It's been randomly shutting down programs for a week or more, but now that's not enough to satisfy its need for power. Nope, not at all. Now it's saying "bye!"

So I have ordered a new laptop, which I should have in a few days. After it's ready, I'll take the PC in to have it wiped clean and start from scratch having Microsoft reloaded. I'm excited at both prospects!

Until I've got my new machine and get the old one up and running again, I can't make any guarantees about being online. My work comes before playtime, like everyone's, but things are currently too erratic to get my work done. And that makes more than me anxious.

So... I'll try to check in, but if you miss me for a short while, you know the story now.

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