Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Some color -- For Einar

I don't want Einar to think that my life in the kitchen is colorless, in shades of black and white only.

Though the photos didn't show it as well as it might have, one side my glass-front cabinets are filled with cobalt blue glass dishes and pottery that I've collected in my travels.

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On the other side I have ruby red dishes and assorted accessory pieces. They are such a dark red they may look black in the photo since they don't have light coming through them.

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I have a lot of colorful textiles I use in the kitchen -- aprons and tea towels. Here's just one example -- the newest of my aprons. This fabric is called "Fruit Cocktail."
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And here are some new serving pieces I just got (don't look at my fat little hand.)

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FrenziedFeline said...

I like your dishes, especially the blue bowl (spongeware?) with the hearts. :)

Trixie said...

Thanks Frenzied! That's actually a set of three nesting mixing bowls. Each one has a different variation on the patterns. They always lift my spirit!

Trixie said...

I love your kitchen too! And your name of course ;)

I posted about your blog on mine and included a link! Any kitchen that smells like poundcake is a kitchen for me even if it came from a candle. My kitchen right now is far from inspiring. Your's is so charming. *sigh*

Psst: Your hand helps us to imagine the scale of the dishes. I am forever putting something in my photos to help people understand the scale of an item or project. It really helps!

Erudite Redneck said...

Whoa! Two Trixies!!!! Trixies in stereo!

Trixie said...

Can you stand it, E.R.??? LOL!!