Saturday, July 01, 2006


Photos coming later today. Knitting involved.

I just realized there's not a single post on my page with a photo. This will be remedied today. Beware.


KEvron said...

(i hate to have to post this here, being off topic and all, but i'm afraid it'll go unnoticed over at er's blog, as the relevant thread has gone cold)

"Well, that does not work either. I give up."

it could have something to do with the settings of the blog in question. if the site owner has haloscan installed in such a way as they can turn off the "comments" feature while still linking the haloscan window, then my method will not work. on my blog, i've simply removed from the template the code which links the blogger® "comments" page (or window) from the post as it appears on the homepage, but it's still accessible from the timestamp page (or, as you noted the # page). should you decide to install haloscan using the latter method, drop me a comment, and i'll try to help you with the installation.


KEvron said...

one other thing: comments which appear on the haloscan window/page will not appear on blogger's window/page, and vice versa.


TECH said...

Where are those photos?

Trixie said...

I lied, apparently. But I'll get them on here today. It took me a little longer to make a sun and leaves than I expected. Now I just need to put the leaves on my tree and put the sun in the sky and I can show you.