Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

First, the greeting for the year: Happy New Year!

Second, a question for each of you. And I hope you'll share your answers here and discuss them.

The question: What makes you happy? Truly happy? I'm not talking about the moments that are absent of sorrows or troubles, but true HAPPINESS.

It seems so elusive at times, and each person defines it differently, so I invite conversation about happiness, how YOU recognize it, how YOU CREATE it.

Who's first? Don't be shy!


Sarabeth said...

This one is complicated for me currently, but I can pinpoint a time when I knew bliss, which for me is more than happiness. I used this moment in the novel I'm currently writing.

“We then sailed a good way to Cape Lookout. The captain laid anchor on the sound side of the cape, within swimming distance of the island.” She sighed and closed her eyes. “Capt. Dan said that we could either dive off the boat and swim to the island for the nature hike portion or we could catch a ride in the dingy.”

“You chose the swim.” Ian caressed her arms.

“I did.” Her voice took on a dreamy quality. “The air was warm. When I hit the water, I instantly felt the salt. It was so concentrated. The water was almost hot, like a bath for a baby.” She hugged her shoulders. “The water wrapped around me. Bubbles tickled my skin as I arched my way to the surface. I floated on my back with ease. God, that. . .that was bliss. It was . . .”

Ian finished for her, “Sensual.”

“Yes. I like to remember that feeling when I'm sad. The feel of that water was unlike anything I have ever felt.”

I don't know if it is happiness or just comfort, but when I am standing on a beach in the later hours of the afternoon and early evening I know that I am whole, real, and connected to the earth.

TECH said...

Happy New Year, Trixie!

I'll have to get back to you on the question. It will take some thought, but I think writing will figure in the answer.

drlobojo said...

All my children are at the table. They are laughing and joking. Their wives and husband are there too. The food is good. There is nothing pending, nothing to rush off to. Hot chocolate laced with Bailey's Irish Creme is being served.

the granola said...

In no particular order:

Philanthropic service, especially when working with people.

Learning something new about how the universe and the life in it works.

Learning how to do something new.

Watching my children deeply involved in exploring their world.

When something I write really takes off. When I succeed in getting the story in my head on paper.

Those moments that I'm laying next to my husband in bed and we are talking about interesting things.

Genevieve said...

Some things that make me happy:

The happiness of my loved ones
Unsolicited affection
Unconditional love
A job I have done well
Intelligent & interesting talk
Time to write
Working with my hands
Order (though I rarely achieve it!)

Erudite Redneck said...

This is pretty everyday maybe, but when words come together just right for me, I almost always have the distinct feeling that I've been touched by ... God, or something. And that makes me happy.

molly said...

I am happy when I buy my next plane ticket home. Just knowing when I will be going home next is a joy.