Monday, January 22, 2007

I will apologize now

Hi my friends. I hate to admit this out loud and in public because I know some of you won't approve, but I just finished drining a whole bottle of Sutter Home Merlot (2000).

Yes dear readers, I am totally drunk at the moment. I just thought it would be funny to admit it publicly. I feel so very good and relaxed for the first time in a long time.

There is someone on Jay Leno who I do not recognize. Tomorrrow I will look it up. My hero Ty Pennington will be on tonight too. I think he is so great.

I will stop now to avoid further embarrassment later. Please forgive me. I don't do this more than once a decade.


Erudite Redneck said...

How funny. I should blog when I'm NOT tooted for a change.


Lke anybody could tell my my7 typing.


Erudite Redneck said...

Dr. ER wants to know what pushed you to drink. :-)

Trixie said...

It was my editor!!! (Just kidding!)

I just needed a chance to get some things off my mind for a little while, and I saw the bottle in the refrigerator. I couldn't remember how long I had been "saving" it, so I decided it was time to get rid of it. It isn't good to put such things into the public sewer system. So I drank it. All. Call me an environmentalist.

I have say it was good for the body if not for the brain. I didn't realize how badly I needed to relax. It felt goood to feel nothing for a little while.

Erudite Redneck said...

Then I'd say you drank it for medicinal purposes! :-)

TECH said...

You don't have to apologize. I'm glad you had a good time.