Monday, October 13, 2008

The car

Now my widdle car won't start. I had to walk to work today. Thunderstorms are moving in -- I have to cover a city commissioners' meeting at city hall tonight so I'll be walking home after dark, hoping there isn't lightning to go with the rain.

I've talked with the insurance company representing the woman who hit me. I have little to no confidence in their claims adjustor in Oklahoma City, who didn't even know where my town is. "Are you near Tulsa? Can you take your car there for an adjustor to see?" Der, no. I'm 100 miles from anywhere, and my car will not start now because your client hit it and tore it up.

"Oh. Well. That's too far away for us to send an adjustor to. You'll probably have to get some estimates. And then when I complete my investigation, if we decide our insured was at fault, we'll pay $23 a day for a rental car while it's repaired."

So... I have to wait until you get around to it before I can get a rental car, even though I'm having to walk to work in thunderstorms?

"Yes ma'am. We'll contact you when I complete my investigation."

You, who doesn't even know where my town is, you are doing the investigation?

I talked to the local agent after talking to this cheesehead. She said "That's crazy. We have an adjustor up here every Tuesday!"

Well, the local adjustor just called me back and told me to go ahead and get my car in to the repair shop. I can use the one close to my house and they'll include the towing as part of the claim. I still don't have authorization for a rental car, though. Peachy.


Tracy said...

I promise I'm not creepy and I would really love to meet you in real life. Me email is freeman . tracy @ gmail . com. Just call me and let me drive you to work or the store or whatever. It would be fun! I may have to bring my little one with us if she isn't at MDO (at your church, I think) but that's OK!

Trixie said...

You are so sweet! It would be great to meet in person.

I have to update with some good news. Somehow or other the gears finally engaged and I wound up able to get a rent car later this afternoon and made the arrangements to get my car towed to the shop tomorrow to have the estimates done. We'll see then what happens.

I was even able to make it to a night meeting on time for work, and then to the grocery store. I was so very grateful not to have to walk home in the cold rain tonight!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad things have finally engaged for you.

I'm also glad you finally posted! I was starting to worry!