Tuesday, October 28, 2008

This is unbelievable

OK, so you know about my last wreck. Oh wait, NO YOU DON'T. It was today. In the rental car which I am still driving because MY car is STILL at the body shop.


I stayed home today because my blood sugar was too high. So I spent the morning drinking a lot of water and peeing and then retested until it came down to a somewhat safer level. Then I decided to make a run to the grocery store for some food. I never made it. I got to the end of my street three blocks away, where it ends in one of the main collector streets. I'm just a block west of the main north-south highway, which is the main business road.

Anyway, as I was leaving my residential street and turning right, then trying to make the quick left to get in the left turn lane to the highway, IT HAPPENED. Crunch. There is a difference of opinion about who is at fault, but I got the ticket and the police officer spent sufficient time explaining it to me when he gave me the ticket for "improper lane change."

I swear to you I have gone through my whole life with no wrecks until I moved back here, and this now makes No. 3 since February. And it HAD to be in a rental car. I'm sickened.

The good news is, there were no injuries and the damage to the vehicles is very minor. The rental car has one dent which looks like it will easily pop out, and there is some minor paint transfer. I am hoping it can be buffed out. The other car has minor scratches and one small dent on the passenger side front fender.

Well, I guess having to take the blame for one of the three accidents may not be the worst thing in the world. It sure is better than having half the car demolished. I can certainly speak to that times two.

So, I never did make it to the grocery store. I am thinking about giving it another try now, because I am hungry. Should I chance it?


Dreadnought said...

Hi Trixie, What a nightmare, I wonder how you ever get in a car again! I hope you finally made it to the shop as I hate to think of you sitting there starving. Bob.

pearlsandchocolate.com said...

So sorry about your wreck.