Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Greetings! I'm stealing an extra few minutes on my lunch hour to post from home. I came home for lunch (actually, to get a break from the office. Too much stress there.) I haven't eaten, but that's OK because I still have a raging case of heartburn.

Instead, I kind of got lost in a spur-of-the-moment attack on my office space. It's a nice little room, or it could be if it hadn't been loaded to the gills with stuff for the past year-plus. I dragged a lot of stuff out of there in the past half-hour-ish. Now it has the potential to be a great room.

I've identified some key problem areas for myself -- these are the categories of things which overwhelm my life. Now, I have a theory that once identified, I can deal with these problem areas, one at a time.

Here they are:

1. Books. They are taking over my life. Subcategory: Magazines.
2. Fabric. I could sew all my fabric together and cover the planet twice.
3. Yarn. Yeah. I could knit a sweater for the moon and still have more than a human can use.
4. Kitchen items, specifically dishes. Have I confessed here before? I have 12 sets of dishes. Right now I'm using my least favorite because I haven't gotten through all the boxes on the back porch to find my favorites.

When I get home from work this evening I'll return to my office space and work on creating a haven there for myself. I will also schedule a time to have some extra phone jacks installed so that I can get my laptop off the kitchen table.

Part of why I hate living here is that I have nothing that functions as it should. This is a giant step. I will work on conquering the four areas of excess and establishing an office that is good for me. The rest of the place will take care of itself after this is done.

Stay tuned to this station for the latest in updates. And no, I'm not just doing this because my car is in the shop and I'm waiting to hear if it lives or dies. Well, maybe.


Sarabeth said...

That's a lot to tackle.

Anonymous said...

Does that mean you're thinning all those things out??

I need to attack my craft room, now that the weather's getting cooler (sort of) and I can stand to be upstairs during the day. I've got several Christmas gifts I want to make, so it'd be nice if I could work in there! ;)