Friday, October 03, 2008

If It's Not One Thing, *SMACK!*

Greetings, from your blog hostess.
I want to tell you something. I'm 53 years old, and until February of this year I had never had a car wreck. That changed one fateful night as I was driving home from a board meeting in Stillwater, OK, and hit ice on a bridge over the Salt Fork River south of Ponca City. You may recall my blog about that roller-coaster ride, wherein I slid around, spun, hit the side of the bridge head-on, feared being flung over the side, slid the front of my car down the length of the bridge for a while before spinning some more, then was T-boned from another backwards vehicle which also spun out behind me. It was an adventure, I tell you! A true E-ticket ride!

Well, my friends, today I was driving to work and playing my usual morning game of counting the number of cars that I had to wait for at intersections on my 10-block commute. I was a block away from the office with a perfect Zero score (number of cars I had to wait to clear my path). Until.

*SMACK!* In front of the cable TV office a woman in a much larger car pulled out like I wasn't there and hit my car. Not just a tap, no. It wasn't a creep-out backing situation. She flat did not see me, pulled out as though her path were entirely clear, hit me at my passenger side headlight and continued to tear up my car all the way back to the tail light. Every inch of the passenger side of my car is damaged.

The car most certainly will be totaled this time. We were barely under the limit in February when it was the two doors on my driver's side. This time the damage is much more extensive and eight months later my car wouldn't be worth as much.

This time I am a little stiff -- my neck would do well with a heating pad and a beer. And a nice nap.

I'm taking this personally. I believe it's a sign from above that I need to flee this town.


Anonymous said...

Oh no! It just makes me sick that this has happened to you! I hope your neck is feeling better real soon.

That just stinks about your car. Did she offer any explanation??

Please keep us informed and take care of yourself!

Trixie said...

She said she just didn't see me back there, probably didn't look as well as she should have. And I know that the sun was just at the angle that if her back window had dew on it, she would have been blinded to anything (I had to dry off my back window last week at about the same time so I could see).
I feel OK today. Neck is working fine and dandy. Car seems to operate well enough for short little distances around town but I'll never drive it out of town again.

Jill of All Trades said...

Oh Trixie. So very sorry. I am 52 and never had a wreck, yet. I'm hoping that just reading this doesn't jinx me...LOL...Take care and rest.

drlobojo said...

Hope you are truly feeling better, and your insurance provides for your needs.

TECH said...

I'm glad you're not hurt and sad that your car is. Makes me want to slap that lady. People aren't as careful as they should be while driving. There was a bad wreck in my town that happened when the woman driving was adjusting her radio. She looked down and ran a stoplight. No one was killed, but three people were injured.

Erudite Redneck said...

Glad yer otay!