Friday, October 31, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

Stranded on a desert island
I've been tagged by Kirsten for this meme.

First off, the rules:

You are stranded on a desert island for an indefinite amount of time. You can bring along five food items and are allowed one sentence to justify your decision. It is an island so assume plentiful fish, coconuts, and sea salt. Storage is not an issue, as you also have a large solar powered refrigerator. Play along, tag who you want, and link back!

Part of the difficulty here is, of course, limiting myself to five items. But it’s also that I can’t decide how practical to be. Ok, ok — it’s just a hypothetical, there’s no reason for me to go all logical, especially with the addition of the solar-powered fridge. I just can’t help it.

Also, in addition to the stated fish, coconuts, and salt, it’s probably a given that seaweed would be available. That’s good stuff, and good for you! But while most folks who play this game seem to want to take along an animal of some sort, I think I’ll stick with the ocean for my protein. There’s a lot of variety there, and finding forage for an animal might be difficult. (See, there I go with the practical.)

1. Watermelon. And not one of those "seedless" ones. I want one with the seeds so I can grow more.

2. Tomatoes. Also need to be the kind that will let me grow more.

3. Zucchini. See a theme here? Doesn't take much to grow this either.

4. Graham crackers. To use with the coconuts and the final item...

5. Chocolate. Enough to eat straight, or with the coconut and graham crackers!

Tagging: Erudite Redneck, Dr. Lobojo, Tech!


Kirsten said...

Thanks for playing, Trixie!

Not sure how I didn't think of zucchini, but that's a great idea.

(PS to the confused: only that first paragraph is the instructions, the other two were my commentary.)

Trixie said...

Oh good grief. I meant to clean that up after I copied and pasted. Sorry! (If I remove it now, though, it'll be even more confusing.) So y'all just ignore that extra bit, 'K?

drlobojo said...

Assuming that there is no limit on volume and that the refrigerator has a freezer, I would choose the following.

1. Delmonico beef steaks: Can be cooked several ways, or turned into jerky for convenience.

2. Bisquick: Can be used many different ways with just water or coconut juice for breads or beer and will make grease gravy with the steak juice..

3. Tony Chachere's seasoning: makes anything palatable.

4. Apples: Food, raw or cooked, plus cider.

5.Twinkies: If I am alone no else would eat them.