Friday, December 07, 2007


The weather is fierce here. I had forgotten how much difference 100 miles and a smaller city can make when it comes to weather.
For the past *mumblemumble30yearsmumblemumble* I've lived in the large metropolis in the center of my state. This is my first taste of cold weather since I've moved back "home" up north. The hometown is just a drop in the proverbial bucket in size.
I'm fully convinced that the metropolis absorbs and holds much more heat. It also acts as a wind break, what with all those buildings and cars. Up here we're surrounded on all sides by open prairie with nary a building over four stories tall, I'd guess. And that's pushing it.
Somehow 49 degrees here is much colder than 30 degrees in the big city. I don't understand all the physics involved in the theory of "small town weather anomalies" but I'm sure there is some such scientific study out there.
This blasted cold weather has ruined my plans for the weekend. I was going to head to the big city tonight after work and stay with my best friends and then go to a "new life party" in the Bricktown area tomorrow evening for a newly divorced male friend. Our circle of friends has supported him through a two-year struggle to resolve the issues with his ex and work out details of the child custody arrangement and the like. He NEEDS this party and we needed to cheer him into the next chapter of his life's story.
It's annoying when icy weather puts the brakes on that kind of landmark.
So... it looks like I'll mosey down a couple of blocks after work to the hometown lighted holiday parade, stand in the cold until I cry and watch the nighttime WITH lights version of the other four parades I've seen since I've been back.
Oh! Oh!! The big news is that SANTA will be in this parade! I can't wait!! He'll be all the way at the end of the parade after the mayor, the city commissioners and the city manager go by.
One thing that never changes -- the city is still using the very same Santa house that they had when I was a kid. Right now it is parked at the end of the parade route in front of the public library across the street from City Hall.
I have to go down that way this afternoon. I wonder if he'll take early appointments.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure there's something to that anomaly. I'm kind of in between the big city and the small town. I've seen the change around here, too.

That's too bad you're going to miss the party. Call me selfish, but I'd rather make sure you were safe to blog another day than to encourage you to try to go anyway. ;)

DH was looking over my shoulder and saw the theater picture. He asked, "Is that Trixie's dream house?" LOL

Trixie said...

Funny, but when I was a kid and went to the movies there, I would sometimes sit in the balcony and pretend I lived in a palace! LOL! It is quite a glorious old place. I hope someday I can take some photos inside or get some from a friend of mine who has photographed it. Some say it is haunted, and he has gotten some unexplained images on his photos.

Erudite Redneck said...

Micro-climates. More streets, more cars and exhaust, more people and their body heat and such. Makes a real difference.

Anonymous said...

In one year, in two different places 125 miles apart, I've endured severe ice storms with power outage. Before it was 11 days. Now I'll soon be entering the fourth day. Brrr. It's 48 degrees in the house, although I should add that in the last outage the inside temp dropped to 34. jtb.

Trixie said...

Head north! We have power! My friends in Jones are in deep trouble. They're out in the country. No power. That means no water as well as no heat. There's a high-voltage transmission line cutting through their property but it's not the power company that serves them -- and one of the lines is down across their driveway inside their gate. Gate can't open without power for them to get the power truck in to fix the downed line. But they have to wait for their own power company for that. So they can't leave their place to get anywhere warm and with water. And they can't let the animals out of the house for fear they will be electrocuted.

drlobojo said...

Actually this time you may have missed the bullet on the weather.
I was 6 full days(seven on the calender) without electricity, and your old neighborhood was at least 4 or 5 days out.
Now 10 days in and 60,000 OKC homes are without juice.
OKC was just under the perfect slope of the cold air to get the most rain hitting the coldest air.
A true bummer.
Check my blog for some visual proof.