Tuesday, December 04, 2007


What I want to be doing: I want to be knitting -- comforting prayer shawls, little sweaters for children, lacy patterns for the art of it.
What I'm really doing: Looking for: My knitting needles; a project I started in June; a place to store my yarn stash.
What I want to be doing: Cooking dinner for a family, urging my teens to eat their salad and veggies, planning healthy menus to keep their energy up.
What I'm really doing: Eating alone, checking my blood sugar every day, trying to keep a watch on the number of carbs I eat, making sure I take my diabetes medication and trying to get in a walk every day.
What I want to be doing: Running kids around to piano lessons, recitals and choir rehearsals for Christmas plays.
What I'm really doing: Spending the day with a group of 120 high school students, learning about the realities of their lives, the sexual abuse by family members, the torture visited upon classmates, the addictions and neglect in their families, the pressures they feel to use drugs and alcohol, the obsessions with cutting and burning themselves to escape the very real pain of not being noticed or believed.


Anonymous said...

If you were doing 2 and 3, you wouldn't have time for 1. ;)

Just you there listening will go a long way in the lives of those students. I take you're writing a piece about this?

Trixie said...

Yes, actually several pieces. It's pretty intense stuff. I'll share more later on this...