Thursday, October 28, 2004

Tulsa Rose Garden

Just thought I'd post some photos from the Rose Gardens at Tulsa's Woodward Park from Monday. There are so many varieties since the garden is a test garden for the All America Rose Selections. All kinds of colors, as you can see:

There are roses of many colors and varieties. Some do well and some don't. The test gardens helps growers know which varieties produce well in a variety of locations around the United States.

I like this ruffly rose. It's mostly pink with a white varigation in the petals.

Here's a nice orange rose.

And a pretty pink rose.

This one is gorgeous.

And, my love, it's like, a red, red rose...

I hope you like the roses. Tomorrow we'll return to a little history lesson. Stay tuned (no footnotes included.)


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Dr. ER said...

Great macro shots with excellent depth of field! And, there's no place prettier than Tulsa. Period. Nice work. Fondly, with mutual lens envy, 3&8.