Sunday, October 31, 2004

Which Country Are You?

Australia -
Founded as a gigantic prison
colony, Australia has turned into a Mid-Level
world power. Known for its wildlife and



Culturally Admired.

Mid-Level Power.

renowned Flora and Fauna.


Founded by Criminals.

Island Nation (Isolated).

Talk Funny.

Which Country of the World are You?
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Erudite Redneck said...

Cool! You bring the Foster's, I'll bring some genuine German kegs and we can have a partay. Dr. ER, peace-locin' Swiss that she is, can come get us all outta jail!

Trixie said...

I think this test might be bogus. I posted on Dr. E.R.'s blog that I am much more a Switzerland. I like chocolate SO much more than kangaroos ... although when I was 10, my Uncle John did bring me a kangaroo pelt directly from Australia. It was a big hit for show-and-tell. And I may be onery, but I'm not the criminal type, necessarily.

TECH said...

I was Japan on that test. I think I like that. I love their tech toys.

CrystalDiggory said...

I was Germany on this test, which I suspect may be bogus, too. I'm much more laid back than that, totally unorganized and prefer rum to beer.