Friday, July 08, 2005

On the road again

I'll be going to a family gathering near Kansas City for a few days.

An adventure will be involved, but I'll report back more fully on that after the fact.
I hope you all have a great weekend, especially hoping to hear good things from Frenzied Feline. We've got our fingers and toes crossed that she and her family will be in their new home! Stay cool and don't forget your SPF 500!


FrenziedFeline said...

Okay, that pic is disturbing on so many levels--lol.

Thanks for the good wishes. I'll see what I can do to post an update. :)

Mark said...

i wasn't going to say anything about that pic cause i was afraid it might be you.... i guess it still might be. i will shut up now.

Trixie said...

No, that's not me. I'm as pale as they come -- it would be impossible for me to replicate that condition. I'm afraid I would more closely resemble fried bacon if I stayed in the sun more than 10 minutes. Not to mention the atrocity of someone's boobs sitting on their lap. (Sorry for any offense to anyone with that, but yuck.)