Saturday, March 12, 2005

Clean it up

I deleted my liquor quiz -- I hated the way the HTML formatting looked and I couldn't fix it. Plus, I'm not a great imbiber, so it didn't really add anything about me to the world. SO out it went.

Heading to the gym -- it's 2 p.m. Saturday. Not the early bounding-out-of-bed energy today, but the "DIA" has me -- the "do it anyway". When I get back, there will be some housework to tackle before it tackles me. Last Saturday was a huge cleaning day (for me). I moved the heavy living room couch, vacuumed all under there, cleaned and polished the wood side tables, washed the picture window (inside and out. Yuck!), swept and spiffed up the front porch, knocking down all the cobwebs and cleaning the porch light, mailbox, screen door frame and window frame. What a difference! Throw in the miscellaneous laundry and dish-washing tasks and it was fairly fruitful.

Not sure where I'll tackle today. The kitchen needs a few minutes of attention, but it's pretty good, relatively speaking. Probably my bedroom and bath. We'll see. I know you are sitting on the edges of your seats just dying to know what I clean!! (I can tell, because again there are way too many "0 comments" around here.)

Um. Just realized, I seem to be procrastinating about heading off to the treadmill. Um. Guess I better get up and go.

Geez, I wonder where my nail file is. I broke a nail tying on my gym shoes. Gotta fix it...


TECH said...

What did you clean? WHAT?!! :)

Trixie said...

The only thing I really got cleaned was .... the bathroom! I'm working on getting at some of the deeper clutter in the house, which means everything else is now messed up. It seems to be a universal law that you can clean nothing without messing up at least five other things. I guess the key is to just keep trying.

TECH said...

Whew! I was on the edge of my seat. :)

I'm impressed. The bathroom is my least favorite place to clean. Well, actually I don't have a favorite place to clean.