Wednesday, March 23, 2005

We all need a few laughs

Laughter is a good thing -- and man, do we need some now. I found a place that cracks me up (via the U.K. blog Sometimes It's Peaceful that named Tech's 51313 Harbor Street its "Blog of the Day" yesterday.)

Let me introduce you to this new blog by a Texas mom. Now, read this disclaimer first: Don't go here if you're offended by frequent casual use of "bad words". She uses them several times in every sentence. But it's funny, and as y'all know, those kind of words in the right context don't bug me too much.

Here's a link to Badger Meets World.

A particular favorite is the blog about Britney Spears (one comment: Britney, of course, has all the intellectual capacity of a 1957 (possibly 1958) Buick. Much is possible with her, though I must issue her props for not confusing Kabbalah with Tabbouleh.)

Also, don't miss the haiku about the neighborhood folks. I like her style, but as I warned, she's not for everyone, especially those who don't care for gutter language.

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Erudite Redneck said...

That Badger chick is a hoot!