Thursday, March 10, 2005

Looking for a sign? Here's one

A few years back I was on a big fitness kick. I'm trying now to get back to that. At the time, I was walking 6 miles a day, and on weekends I would walk from one side of Lake Hefner to the other, a distance of 9 miles. It's my goal now to return to that physical condition.

At times, I would take a notebook and pen and spend time on the rock wall of the dam, watching the sunset and just taking notes as God dictated. I'd go there to spend time with Him, listening to the messages He'd reveal there, where I could be quiet without electronic distractions. Funny, He still has a lot to say when we pay attention!

So there was this one afternoon, see, where I'd done my long walk and was cooling down on the wall, looking at how low the lake level was. Someone in a wet suit had walked way out on the mud, so far that it looked like he'd walked halfway across the lake. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me when I saw a dog frolicking with the figure, then realized the lake was just down that far.

The sun was ready to set just as a summer storm moved in from the west, hiding the light show. Incredible colors peaked over the edge of a particularly black cloud as my mind turned to the problem of the day. I've long since forgotten what was causing me angst that day -- obviously time melted the problem away, though it seemed so serious then.

I remember praying for a sign, something I don't do often for fear of seeming to be testing God. That afternoon, it seemed like a time when I needed clear direction on this issue long since forgotten.

I continued to pray for a while as the storm started coming across the lake. It finally was close enough to cause me to head for the car, still pondering mightily.

I pulled away from the lake, heading east on Hefner Road towards May to get something to drink. I hadn't gotten more than a half mile from the lake when I passed a Lutheran church with a marquee reading: "Looking for a sign? Here's one."

God and I laughed mightily together at that. But the message was clear to me. The signs ARE there when you ask for them. Maybe they won't be in black plastic letters, but you'll see them when you look.

Often during that time, I would walk at the mall when the outside weather was unfavorable. I learned there was always a small, secret reward when I stepped out. It was almost a covenant, if I can use that term. I would put in the time to walk, and God would give me a little wink by putting pennies in my path. I just had to look to find them. Some days I would pick up as many as 25 pennies. One day, there was a $10 in my path which no one else seemed to notice. I turned it in to someone at the closest store, sure someone was missing that money. That afternoon, after I got home, I was walking my poodle in the park across from my apartment. And there was a $20 bill right by her favorite tree. God and I laughed together again about that one, and I said "Thanks! I get it now!"

Well, anyway, I got several clear signs today. No money -- no pennies or big bills, but signs that are clear anyway. They have come in the form of opportunities. It's been that kind of week. I think there are now about six opportunities that have fallen in my lap this week. Only one was solicited; the rest are serendipity.

While I'm basking in the glow of this goodness, I should also mention the negative. I had my follow-up doctor visit today. He says my blood pressure is responding well, but I am not sure I am as convinced as he is. So far he's the only one who is getting a reading in the area of 132/90. If he's sure, I'll accept that because it's the best I've heard this week. He was more concerned about my lab work, specifically my blood sugar. A year ago it was 103, which is just fine. Now, it is 204, which is not fine. Diabetes is the diagnosis when one has a fasting blood sugar level of 140 or more. Our goal is to get this off my medical record as quickly as possible, so I have a followup appointment in a month to recheck both the blood sugar and blood pressure issues.

Now that opportunity is knocking, I have plenty of motivation to continue working on the health issues. Perhaps by this summer I'll be out at the lake again, watching for more signs.

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CrystalDiggory said...

Your exercise program is definitely the right track to help with your blood pressure and to help control diabetes (which I'm praying you don't have). Exercise is so good for you it should be considered almost on the same level as medicine.