Saturday, March 19, 2005

Disjointed and disconnected

I had a hugely long nap today which has left me a little discombobulated tonight. I'm not even sure I can pull my thoughts into focus enough to make a post worth reading.... so for now, I'm going to just say "hello, out there." I'll go drink some Diet Coke and watch some TLC television decorating shows. Surely that will help me get my act together again.

Tomorrow is Palm Sunday, which requires me to get up earlier than usual. Tomorrow is a big day. We'll be doing the proclamation with the children waving palms. While they are winding through the sanctuary, we'll have the bell choir playing along with piano, drums and choir singing with the kids. I guarantee we'll wake up anyone who came to church expecting to get in a nap! I can't wait. We've been rehearsing this for months and I think people will be very happy. We in the bell choir all have a tendency to do a little rhythmic dance to the calypso feel of the song. Good thing everyone's eyes will be on the kids!

Before I sign off, I want to say I have fallen in love with author Billie Letts, of "Where the Heart Is" and "The Honk and Holler Opening Soon." These should be mandatory reading for any of us from Oklahoma, especially those of us who have had ties to eastern Oklahoma. There's not a "normal" character in either book, but every one of them is someone we'll recognize from real life. Both books are good reminders that Oklahoma is very much a mix of different cultures, races and lifestyles and that diversity is a good thing. They also reminded me that with Oklahomans' open hearts, diversity can be practically invisible, when you realize what a broad range of friends we all have here. Look at any bar or bingo hall in Oklahoma and you'll see what I'm talking about -- we see people, not labels.

Well, pooh. TLC's programming tonight is heavy on reruns. I'm going to go work on some art projects, inspired by "Art and Soul" by Pam Grout. I did a painting the other night! No masterpiece, but an interpretation of a work depicting Easter morning when the women went to the tomb and encountered the angel saying "He is not here." I need to create a fiber sculpture tonight to complete my piece. If it comes out OK I'll post a photo of it.

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