Thursday, March 03, 2005

Hi Quirky!!

I just saw a reply on the electric blanket election post from Quirky, a friend from some bulletin boards I read. Just in case she doesn't get back to that post, I wanted to say a big hello to her up here. So... HELLO QUIRKY!!!

Quirky is famous for having amassed a lot of interesting knowledge. She' s been a winner on Jeopardy! and participates in a monthly (I believe) trivia concert in her community in Illinois.

I'm hoping she'll visit often and post so y'all get to know her better. Maybe she'll have a blog of her own! That would be cool.


quirky said...

Shucks. You make a girl feel all self-conscious!

Just kidding! Hi Trixie! I would like to see your mood change from depressed to...well, "tepid" or "fair-to middlin"....those would be a little better!

Trixie said...

Ahhh! Good point... I forgot I had switched it to "depressed." I'll get right on that!

quirky said...

Much better...everyone's tentative about posting on a depressed woman's blog, you know! ;)