Thursday, April 28, 2005

Today's checkup

I had another doctor's visit today to repeat some lab work and recheck my blood pressure. Again, my blood pressure was higher than it should be (130/100) so my doctor has finally changed my medication. I'll go back in two weeks to have it checked again.

He told me the average patient with hypertension must take 3 1/2 drugs to manage it. He said he also has high blood pressure and takes two drugs. This makes me feel better. Strangely, I had been feeling that it was my fault the drug wasn't controlling my BP. This new medication incorporates two drugs in one pill, which should be a benefit.

I've also lost 7 pounds, which was better than I thought. Not as good as I would have liked, but still better than I thought, based on my home scale. It's a little encouraging, and encouragement always help me see continuing results. (I admit it, I need a lot of external motivation and support!)

Hopefully, the new medication will bring my BP down to a level where I'll be allowed to do more exercises than the coronary rehab work they are allowing me to do now. That's a hard pill to swallow, let me tell you. I am so looking forward to doing some weight work on the machines because my results have always been much better when I've been able to add that component.

My greatest fear from today was the lab work to recheck my blood sugar. Please pray with me that the number is less than my March test. My instincts tell me that I must face the reality of having the Big "D". And I really, really do not want that.

So there you go, you know more about me than you every needed to or wanted to. I think I'm on the right road for managing these health issues. The next couple of weeks will let me know for sure!

You all, take good care of yourselves too. If you have concerns, take care of them. It can be scary, but the power is in dealing with them, not ignoring them.

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FrenziedFeline said...


(By the way, our weight loss is never as good as we would like--LOL)

I'll add you in on my prayers (right next to Tech) about your results. You're doing right things with exercise and weight loss, so hopefully that will have helped with that.

Perhaps your pressure was up from that scary situation last night? Mine was up a few months ago, which was weird because I'm usually low, if anything. However, it was fine on this last visit, so the doc thought I was either stressed or they used a cuff that was too small.

Glad you're taking care of yourself! :)