Sunday, April 24, 2005

Worn to the bone

It's almost 7 p.m. and I'm so tired I could go to bed right now. It's been a busy weekend. Friday included a visitor from Tulsa, dinner at Cattleman's Cafe and a walk-through of Bass Pro Shop.

Saturday was a trip to the Arts Festival in downtown OKC, the highlight of which was Indian food from Gopuram, one of my two favorite Indian restaurants (it also happens to be about a stone's throw from my house.) They did a fine sampler plate of six items for $6. Wish I had another one tonight because it included all of my favorites.

Today was (finally!) the opening of the Designer Show House which benefits the Oklahoma City Philharmonic. What a delight! It was nice to take a friend to see this home that I've watched through the transformation process. I've made so many friends of the designers and members of the Orchestra League who helped bring it all together. So many talented people did good work on this, and it all goes to support the orchestra and music education. So take my advice, go see it. Good project, great cause, well worth the price of admission. They also do a great omlette in the tea room for Sunday brunch.

After the show house, friend and I went to TLC Nursery to look at plants and seeds. I may have to go back during the coming week when it's less crowded than it was this afternoon. Lots of things attracted my attention, but I need to look long and hard at the budget and take cash so I don't overspend.

So there you go, a weekend filled with new experiences, great food, and LOT of walking. I hope you all had a similarly satisfying weekend.

Next week probably will involve another trip in for auto repairs (tie rods). I must say, last week's brake job came in handy this weekend on I-40 when a car stopped in front of me. Money well spent.

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